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Catering vehicle announcement products

Mobile vending vehicle announcement products for Ice Cream Vans, Sandwich & Snack Vans, Fish & Chip Vans, Fish Vans, Grocery Vans...

A range of products to announce your presence to your customers, Chimes, Speakers, Drive-Heads, Paging Speakers, Trumpets...

We don't just do Ice-Cream van chimes...

You don't have to drive an Ice Cream van to use Chimes. Our chimes can be fitted to any kind of catering or vending vehicle, used to...

...convey and sell perishable commodities for human consumption to the public

We have a range of tunes available to suit the type of product you sell, your specific vending type, location or occasion.

We also offer chimes that can hold a range of tunes to suit those who attend various locations and events.

So now you can sell your product without sounding like an ice-cream van.


Call 01785 55 66 12

You can order any of our products directly by calling us on 01785 55 66 12

We aren't a faceless business where you never speak to anyone, we want you to get exactly what you want by discussing your requirements and meeting your expectations.

We like to speak to our customers directly so we understand your business and your exact requirements